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Over 1 000 000 spare parts Over car parts
  • Fuel filter
    £ 14,25
    £ 16,76*
    Fuel filter
    £ 31,44
    £ 36,99*
  • Fan Wheel, engine cooling
    £ 431,66
    £ 507,84*
    Dryer, air conditioning
    £ 50,32
    £ 59,20*
  • Air Filter
    £ 14,76
    £ 17,36*
    Oil Filter
    £ 11,70
    £ 13,76*
  • Intercooler, charger
    £ 105,52
    £ 124,14*
    Spark Plug
    £ 5,36
    £ 6,31*
  • Brake Disc
    £ 23,33
    £ 27,45*
    Rod / Strut, stabiliser
    £ 14,89
    £ 17,52*
  • Oil Filter
    £ 6,42
    £ 7,55*
    Ignition Coil
    £ 80,69
    £ 94,93*
  • Panelling, mudguard
    £ 19,40
    £ 22,82*
    Air Filter
    £ 41,17
    £ 48,44*
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VAN WEZEL Parts catalog

VAN WEZEL auto parts store

VAN WEZEL is a company that includes strong brands in its brand portfolio and has acquired a strategic meaning in the production and sales of a complete spare parts range required for the vehicle repair. Products are available for cars, trucks and buses manufactured in Europe, Korea and Japan.

VAN WEZEL - experience multiplied by quality

The VAN WEZEL company was created in Belgium over 65 years ago as a spare parts distributor and had an office and a storage facility in the city of Tienen. At first, it supplied products to the domestic market. In 1996, the company launched the manufacture of exact equivalents to original car body parts with the equal quality and patented the EQUIPART brand name for them.

In 2007, VAN WEZEL became the holder of the HAGUS brand, that manufactures automotive mirrors over 100 years. INTERNATIONAL RADIATORS, which has globally famous engine cooling and air conditioning systems, has also joined the company’s brand portfolio.

Today the offices and storage facilities of the company that specializes in the marketing of a complete spare parts range for body repair are located in Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria. In Belgium, besides Tienen, the brand is represented in Brussels. Proper organization of all company functional processes has enabled to offer medium and premium class parts at a low cost.

VAN WEZEL spare parts catalog

The company’s product range is very extensive and comprises over 20 thousand body items, 5,000 cooling systems and a lot more. The collection is periodically updated with spare parts for new models.

All the products labeled VAN WEZEL are subjected to the most strict and thorough quality control and safety tests. According to the reviews, the parts are wear resistant and agree with technical specifications. The product range includes the following car parts:

- Bumpers, bonnets, inner fenders, doors, fenders;
- Headlights, direction indicators, tail lights;
- Heaters, radiators, oil coolers;
- Mirrors, power windows components, and a lot more.

The company’s primary products are OE equivalents. The cost of such products is substantially lower than parts of the OEM and OES category. All parts have a separate and robust packaging.

Our online store EUspares.co.uk offers various VAN WEZEL products in the United Kingdom, as well as those of other famous brands. Our prices are reasonable, and our home delivery is prompt

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