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Core exchange

Core exchange £ 26.373 core charge (incl. 20% VAT) is NOT included. The core charge will be refunded if you return the old spare part.

When you purchase a spare part marked “core part” you have to pay a core charge in addition to the price of the spare part itself. According to European legislation, the core charge is the amount that the manufacturer requires as a deposit to guarantee the old spare part is returned for remanufacturing. The core charge is refunded when the old spare part is returned. Core charges only apply to items produced in the European Union. The amount of the core charge is determined by the supplier of the spare part. Therefore, the same part provided by different suppliers can have different core charges or may have no core charge at all.

How does it work?

1. You pay for the new part and the core charge.

2. You receive the new part.

3. You prepare the used part for shipment (drain the fluid from the part, if any (this requirement does not apply to batteries)).

4. Register the return of the used core part in your personal account at EUspares.co.uk.

5. The used spare part should be placed in the box of the new one, which you received. Enclose the invoice that you received with the letter after placing the order. This will speed up the processing of your request.

6. You have to send the old part in proper condition to the following address:
AUTODOC AG (Retoure - Lager R)
Rhinstrasse 132
12681 Berlin

7. We send the used spare part to the manufacturer for the examination.

8. As a rule, processing of your order takes 6-8 weeks from the moment of arrival of the shipped spare part in the warehouse. We inform you of the examination results.

How fast should the used spare part be sent back?

The used spare part should be sent within one year from the date of purchase of the exchange part.

What is the procedure of refunding the сore charge in case of the positive examination result?

We refund you the сore charge in the same way as you made the payment, or by crediting it to your EUspares.co.uk client's deposit account.

What happens if the examination result is negative?

We are informing you that the сore charge can't be refunded. We will be storing the examined core part for 2 months at our warehouse. The spare part can be returned back to you if you request it (The part will be sent back to you at EUspares.co.uk expense). After 2 months of storage, the spare part will be disposed of.

What is the return policy?

• Delivery of a used part is made at the expense of the customer.
• If the customer does not provide the manufacturer with an old spare part, the core charge will not be refunded and will be retained by the manufacturer as compensation.
• If the used spare part has severe damage or cracks in the housing, the core charge will not be refunded.
• If a used part of a different category is returned, the core charge will not be refunded. For example, if an alternator was purchased but a starter was returned instead.
• To have the core charge refunded you can send a similar item purchased from another manufacturer. For example, if a BOSCH brake caliper is purchased and a TRW brake caliper is returned.
• If the new spare part by characteristics (for example, power) does not coincide with the old, you need to check with the manufacturer the possibility of returning such a part. You can do this through the support service [email protected].


Requirements for used parts:
* The instruction is for information purpose only. Each case is considered individually (each spare part undergoes an individual examination by a manufacturer).

• Brake Caliper

Brake caliper return criteria:
The core part must match the purchased product.
The core part must be complete.
All caliper guide pins, fasteners, connecting and bleeder screws must be present.
The core part has no excessive corrosion damage.
The core part is not cracked or machined.
Only core parts that are suitable for reprocessing can be taken back and credited.
The label on the packaging must not be soiled, missing, or have any extra marks or writings.
* The instruction is for information purpose only. Each case is considered individually (each spare part undergoes an individual examination by a manufacturer).

Original packaging
Bosch, Elstock, GKN parts must be delivered in their original packaging. If not sent in the original package, the part cannot be accepted. This is supplier's requirement.

• Alternator

Alternator return criteria:
- Unidentifiable alternators will not be accepted.
+ Manufacturer's OE label is present, or the etched OE number on the alternator is readable / recognizable.

+ The alternator has not been stored for a long time after being dismantled, and has no corrosion marks on the belt pulley.
- Heavily corroded alternators.

Damage level
+ Damaged plastic cover.
+ A missing rib on the front and/or rear end fitting.
+ Connector broken below the seal.
- Two missing ribs on the front and/or rear end fitting.
- Connector broken to below the seal.

Completeness of the alternator:
+ The alternator is complete and assembled.
- Disassembled or incomplete alternator.
The used alternator must have the same power output as the new one. Otherwise, the core charge cannot be returned.

• Starter

Starter return criteria:
+ The unit is accepted.
- The unit is rejected.

- Unidentified starters will not be accepted.
+ Manufacturer's OE label is present or the etched OE number on the starter is readable / recognizable.

Damage level
+ Beading of the relay housing is not damaged.
+ Damage of the starter relay plastic part.
- The starter is deformed / damaged, e.g. due to impact on the housing, a broken housing or a worn pinion.
- The shaft is heavily discoloured due to overloading (e.g. a blue colour due to overheating).

+ The starter has not been stored for a long time after being dismantled, and has no corrosion damage.
- Heavily corroded starter.

Completeness of the starter
+ The starter is complete and assembled.
- Disassembled or incomplete starter.
- Heavy corrosion of the pinion.
- Lack of the rear plate.
- Damaged front cover.
* The instruction is for information purpose only. Each case is considered individually (each spare part undergoes an individual examination by the manufacturer).

• Drive Shaft

Driveshaft return criteria:
The core must be of the same type as the exchange part.
The driveshaft must be complete – consisting of the interconnecting shaft and both joints.
The interconnecting shaft must be straight. Bent shafts cannot be remanufactured.
The interconnecting shaft must not be rusted or broken.
The thread of the joints must be complete and fitting tightly.

• Compressor, air conditioning

A/C compressor return criteria:
The unit will be rejected if:
It is severely corroded (damaged area > 3 cm²).
Not all connections for piping are tightly closed with original caps.
The shaft can not be manually rotated by 360°.
The core can not be identified (the nameplate is illegible or missing).

• Hydraulic Pump, steering system

Return criteria for power steering pump:
The core part will be accepted if:
1. The used pump is returned in original packaging.
2. The pump is complete and corresponds to the part from the catalogue.
3. There is no mechanical damage.
4. The thread is in good order.
5. The pump cannot be returned with the damaged pulley and shaft.
6. There is no damage to the pulley, shaft, or adapter.
7. The cap is not missing or damaged.

• Steering Gear

The core part will be accepted if:
1. The used steering gear is returned in the original packaging.
2. The steering gear is complete, i.e. it includes:
- dust boots
- pressure hoses
- tie rods (if supplied with the new part)
3. The steering gear is not strongly corroded.
4. There is no mechanical damage, the part is not bent, the steering rack function is not impaired, fasteners are not damaged.
5. The tie rod(s) has no damage to the thread, is not bent or broken.
6. Hydraulic hoses of the steering gear and their elements are not damaged or lost.
7. The shaft and the splines are not damaged.
8. The returned steering gear matches the new one.

• Charger, charging system

Turbocharger return criteria:
The core part should be returned complete and assembled.
None of its elements should be dismantled, replaced or removed.
The core part should correspond to the purchased turbocharger.

• Injector Nozzle

Injector return criteria
Part disassembled -> not acceptable
Nozzle missing -> not acceptable
Injector return criteria
Connector damaged -> not acceptable
Connector broken -> not acceptable
Connector melted -> not acceptable
Inlet connector damaged -> not acceptable
Damage on injector body, caused by inappropriate handling (e.g. hammer) -> not acceptable
Seal seat damaged -> not acceptable

• Injection Pump

Core parts are accepted if:
The returned core part is the same type as the new part.
The injector pump is complete.
No damage.
Control valve is not damaged.

Core parts that have the following defects can not be returned:
Missing parts
Heavy corrosion

• Starter Battery

Requirements to used car batteries:
The manufacturers do not impose special requirements on used car batteries. Nonetheless, we strongly recommend not to open used batteries and not to drain fluids (electrolytes) out of them, as this is dangerous.

How to return a used car battery?
1. Bring the used battery to our warehouse at this address: AUTODOC AG (Retoure - Lager R) Rhinstrasse 132, 12681 Berlin, Germany.
2. Hand in the used battery at a waste recycling centre, car service station, automotive workshop, fuel station, or any other organisation that collects used batteries in your community.

Please note! The core charge we collect is not refunded by public waste collection points and recycling centres. However, if you provide proof of the return of the used battery (for example, a receipt), we will refund the core charge.

• Distributor, ignition

Ignition distributor return criteria:
The unit should not have signs of severe corrosion.
The distributor cap should not be missing.
The connector must not be missing.
The unit must be complete.
Unidentifiable ignition distributors will not be accepted.

• Clutch Disc
• Clutch Pressure Plate
• EGR Valve
• Nozzle and Holder Assembly
• High Pressure Pump
• Steering Column
• Control Unit, fuel injection
• Air Flow Sensor
• Pump and Nozzle Unit
• Joint, drive shaft
• Compressor, compressed air system
• Propshaft, axle drive
• Control Unit, injection system
• Fuel Distributor, injection system
• Control Unit, ignition system
• Warm-up Regulator
• Exhaust Gas Flap, engine brake
• Delivery Module, urea injection
• Slave Cylinder, power steering
• Control Unit, idle-speed control
• Steering Set
• Control Unit, knock sensor