Order cancellation
14 day return policy on all spare parts
14 days

You have the right to a return within 14 days after receiving your Car part



The following payment methods are available in our car spare parts online shop

  • Buy spare parts and pay with credit cards – MasterCard, Visa, American Express
  • Paypal allows fast shopping for car parts – PayPal



After placing your order in our spare parts shop, you can choose your courier

DHL, GLS & UPS deliver your spare parts order convienently to your house or workshop
Free shipping on an order over £ 140 just for UK


United Kingdom
  • euautoteile.de in Germany Deutschland
  • euautoteile.at in Austria Österreich
  • euautoteile.ch in Switzerland Schweiz
  • euautopieces.fr in France France
  • flags_img_alt_it Italia
  • euautorecambios.es in Spain España
  • euautoczesci.pl in Poland Polska
  • euautopiese.ro in Romania România
  • euautoonderdelîn.nl in the Holland Nederland
  • euantallaktika.gr in Greece Ελλάδα
  • euautopecas.pt in Portugal Portugal
  • euautoonderdelen.be in Belgium België
  • euautodily.cz in the Czech Republic Česká republika
  • eualkatresz.hu in Hungary Magyarország
  • eurobildelar.se in Sweden Sverige
  • euavtochasti.bg in Bulgaria България
  • euautodele.dk in Denmark Danmark
  • euvaraosat.fi in Finland Suomi
  • euavtodeli.si in Slovenia Slovenija
  • euroautodiely.sk in Slovakia Slovensko
  • euautoosad.ee in Estonia Eesti
  • euautodalys.lt in Lithuania Lietuva
  • euautodalas.lv in Latvia Latvija
  • euautodeler.co.no in Norway Norge
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Shipping cost of goods and dispatch

Shipping within Great Britain:

The shipping cost for orders below £ 140,00 is £ 8,45. We offer free shipping if the order value exceeds £ 140,00 (except for delivery abroad and special types of parcels – bulky items, core parts, and tyres).

You will not be charged any additional transaction fees when using payment methods such as PayPal or credit card.


Gibraltar £ 15,00
Isle of Man (GB) £ 15,00
Jersey (GB) £ 15,00
Guernsey (GB) £ 15,00

Shipping outside of Great Britain:

The shipping costs for delivery to other countries listed below are valid regardless of the order value and must be paid accordingly.

£ 8,45 for United Kingdom

Bulky item surcharge:

The following spare parts are considered bulky items:
batteries, catalytic converters, manifolds, silencers, racing exhaust silencers, thresholds, wings, fuel tanks, spoilers, side panels, trailer couplings (hitches), front cowlings, engine covers, bonnets, engine compartment insulation, and bumpers.

Delivery of bulky goods to Great Britain is not possible!

Delivery of bulky goods within Germany:
1) The shipping cost of manifolds, catalytic converters, silencers, or racing exhaust silencers will incur a bulky item surcharge of £ 4,42
2) The shipping of batteries, fenders, thresholds, fuel tanks, side panels, spoilers, and bumpers will incur a bulky item surcharge of £ 8,83
3) The shipping of front cowlings, trailer couplings (hitches), engine covers, bonnets, and bumpers within Germany will incur a bulky item surcharge of £ 13,25.

Additionally shipping costs for bulky items in other countries:
Austria: £ 23,81
Belgium: £ 23,81
Czech Republic: £ 18,51
Denmark: £ 32,64
France: £ 32,64
Holland: £ 23,81
Italy: £ 41,48
Luxembourg: £ 23,81
Slovakia: £ 27,34
Sweden: £ 41,48
Switzerland: £ 23,81

The bulky item surcharge applies per item.

Note: Shipment of bulky goods to countries not indicated in this list is not possible.

All prices indicated are subject to VAT at the current rate of 20%.

Delivery times:

In stock

The item is available. Items with this availability status are sent within 4-5 working days after the receipt of payment.

Currently not in stock

This item cannot be ordered. It is no longer available or has been discontinued. You can order a similar item from a different manufacturer.

The delivery time depends on the availability of the product. Please check the availability status of the product you are interested in.

You can find information on possible customs charges here.

There is no delivery on public holidays. Tyres are not shipped to Scotland.

Additional “Safe Order” option

With the additional “Safe Order” option you have the possibility of extending the standard right of cancellation. For the low-cost payment of £ 3,45 per order, we offer you a full refund and free return shipment within the first 100 days without you being required to give a reason. The standard right of cancellation should be referred to with regard to the processing. This option, insofar as it is offered, is available at the last stage of the ordering process. It is valid only if the product is in its original condition, is not damaged and has not been mounted. Please note that your statutory right of cancellation is neither replaced nor affected by the "Safe Order" option.

Requirements for returns using the “Safe Order” option:

- Please make the product return request in your personal account on www.euspares.co.uk, or contact our customer support.
- Send us the item in its original package with the invoice enclosed
- Spare parts should be unused, undamaged, and unmounted.

The Safe Order option is only valid for one return per order.

Once we receive the spare part back from you, it will be thoroughly examined. If the car part meets the above-mentioned requirements, we will replace the part with another one or refund your money, whichever you prefer.

Please note:

The conditions of the Safe Order option do not apply to bulky items, old core parts, or tyres. In addition, the conditions of the Safe Order option do not apply to products from other orders for which this option was not selected.