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FEBI BILSTEIN Parts catalog

FEBI BILSTEIN auto parts store

Many car owners know about high quality of Febi Bilstein car spare parts. Since its foundation, Febi Bilstein from the small enterprise turned into one of the largest companies in the market of spare parts, and has branches more than in 69 countries. The product range includes about 30 thousand items which are delivered to more than 140 countries worldwide. The annual turnover of the company makes 100 million euros.

Wealth of historical experience of Febi Bilstein is a guarantee of reliability and stability

The exact date of the foundation of the German company Febi Bilstein is unknown. It is reported that in 1818 Johann Heinrich Bilstein founded the small enterprise that was inherited later by his sons. The present name of the company, Febi Bilstein, is mentioned in the documents for the first time in 1844.

Since 1881, the company is engaged in the lathe manufacturing of screws and that deal was the foundation of its successful activity. In 1925 the company begins production of the patented (the name febi was used for the first time) spring bolts for automotive industry. In several years, because of rapid development of automotive industry, spare parts manufacturing became a priority field of Febi Bilstein activity

Successful work of the company is interrupted by World War II. After its termination, the management of Febi Bilstein company had got permission to renewal of industrial activity and made every possible efforts for the fastest rehabilitation of the company. Due to the shortage in hands, activity of the enterprise was limited to production of small welfare items: cigarette lighters, oil-extracting devices, hand drills, etc. Rather quickly things were improved, and in 1947 the staff of employees of the company totaled more than two hundred people already. The sales markets lost in the course of the war gradually had come back, and at the beginning of the 50th turnover of the company reaches the pre-war level. Stages of the company development can be connected with such achievements as:

- the beginning of truck spare parts production (1951);
- introduction of computer numerical control technology - the CNC system in 1981;
- creation of the first foreign branch - Febi (UK) Ltd, Great Britain in 1991;
- optimization of warehouse work by change-over to the total computer control (1997);
- the number of items in inventory equaled 10,000 for the first time in the history of the company (1998).

Febi Bilstein spare parts are models of high quality and durability

For ensuring competitiveness of the company, it imposes heavy demands on the quality of products, both at its own plants, and at the enterprises of suppliers. At production of spare parts, Febi Bilstein demands to use the high-quality materials guaranteeing excellent wear resistance of the products. All products of the company are supported by certificates of DIN ISO 9002 and TÜV independent association.

In the Febi Bilstein assortment there are the following classes:

- engine parts;
- suspension and steering parts;
- braking systems components;
- vehicle filters;
- drive parts;
- wheel fastenings;
- transmissions;
- electrics;
- cooling and ignition systems;
- fuel systems components;
- air springs.

EUspares.co.uk Febi Bilstein spare parts online store has all the things for your comfort

In our online catalog Febi Bilstein spare parts for passenger cars and trucks of various models are presented for the United Kingdom. Our skilled technicians will help you to select all the necessary details and to complete the order. It is possible to order spare parts at the low prices and with fast delivery by phone or e-mail also.

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