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RENAULT original car spare parts

A short history of the car brand Renault

The French automaker Renault is the largest car manufacturer worldwide after establishing a business alliance with the Japanese manufacturer Nissan. Renault is one of the strongest foreign car brands on the German market with a share of 3.5 per cent of new car registrations in the year 2014. The Romanian car manufacturer Dacia has belonged to the group since 1999. The company is headquartered in the French Boulogne-Billancourt and was founded in 1899 by brothers Louis, Fernand and Marcel Renault. Various technical developments such as around the shaft and screw spark plug are credited to Louis Renault. After World War II the company was nationalized in 1949 and grew to become the largest French automaker. In the 1960s, Renault brought the middle-class models the Renault 12 and 16 to the market, which were revolutionary for their time. It also brought the small car the R 4. The Espace model, produced since 1984, caused Renault to be regarded as a significant pioneer in the development of multipurpose vehicles and vans. More famous and successful models are the R19, the Laguna mid-range model, the compact MPV Scénic as well as the small and micro cars the Clio and the Twingo, all produced between 1988 and 1997. Current models can be configured by the buyer with the Renault Configurator so that the engine and the equipment is individually adapted to the driver.

When do you need original Renault spare parts?

Various parts of the vehicle are subject to a constant wear; in addition replacements are required from time due to time corrosion or aging. V-belts, spark and glow plugs, lamps, tires, the car battery, and clutch and brake pads are among the typical wear and tear parts. Corrosion damage is noticeable particularly frequently on parts of the exhaust system but also on the body. The greater the age of the vehicle, the more it may require replacement of defective components and also defects in the engine or in the vehicle electrical system. Broken controllers for the electronic motor control can also be among the more common breakdown causes of newer vehicle models.

Buy Renault spare parts

Renault spare parts and accessories are expensive. As an alternative for Renault original spare parts our shop offers you the possibility to purchase the Renault parts you need online at low prices. From our comprehensive range of products in OEM quality from leading brand manufacturers you can easily order the right Renault parts over the Internet, and have them delivered directly to your home.