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OPEL original parts online

OPEL original car spare parts

The history of Opel company 

The company history of the German automobile manufacturer based in Rüsselsheim am Main goes back the the 19th century. The company founder Adam Opel produced sewing machines from 1863 in his own workshop before he added bicycles to his company's product range in 1886. The manufacture of motor-driven vehicles began three years after the death of the company founder with the patented Opel automobile System Lutzmann in 1899. In 1924, Opel began producing more affordable cars in larger numbers, bringing the company up to the largest motor vehicle producer in Germany in 1928. A year later Opel was sold to the American company General Motors. In the 1930s Opel introduced the models Cadet, Admiral and Olympia until the production of civilian vehicles was discontinued during World War II, until it restarted in 1946. Car models such as the Cadet and Admiral were developed further, and new models were added: the Rekord, Kapitän and Diplomat. After some very successful years between 1960 and 1980, the number of sold vehicles stagnated, leading to the corporate crisis in 2008 and a failed separation from General Motors. Currently, the Opel Rüsselsheim plant has an annual production capacity of approximately 180,000 vehicles with the current Insignia and Astra models. Other locations are in Eisenach and Kaiserslautern, as well as continuing production in the Bochum plant.

When do you need new Opel spare parts?

Many car components will now last for the car’s lifespan thanks to improved technology. However, many auto parts suffer constant wear through mechanical stress, corrosion and ageing, and must be regularly maintained and replaced when necessary. Brake pads and brake discs must be replaced on average every 80,000 km depending on driving behaviour, the same applies to the clutch linings. If the motor does not start a defective battery or even a broken starter it is often at fault. These general automotive electrical issues are among the most common causes of breakdown according to ADAC. Parts of the exhaust system, in particular the end silencer and muffler often wear out due to corrosion and must be replaced every 100,000 km on average. In a gasoline engine, a change of spark plugs is recommended after 60,000 km, while in a diesel engine it’s recommended to change the glow plugs every 100,000 km.

Ordering original Opel vehicle spares online

Whether they are needed for regular care and maintenance, or if a part of the vehicle is defective and needs to be replaced - in our online shop you can conveniently order high-quality Opel spare parts. You can conveniently choose from our wide range of auto spare parts and accessories for many brands and models, and receive prompt and direct delivered to your home.